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Brand, Trademark and Company Name. Let’s shed some light here!

By On 21 August 2018

We have all heard of Brand, Trademark and Company Name, but what do they really mean?Are we sure we know the meaning exactly and their differences? Many customers ask us for advice… Read More


Shocked young mum, serves cease and desist order on company because of what she hears on the phone

By On 5 March 2018

A few weeks ago, going about the usual household chores, 46-year-old Susan Rigler decided to call a well-known “home furnishings” company for information about curtains. Because of the high telephone traffic, Susan… Read More


How embarrassing! (If you have an English speaker read in Spanish!)

By On 23 January 2017

Some customers sometimes ask us if they can have a switchboard “office closed” message read in Spanish by the same English speaker! Perhaps there is a tendency to think that a professional… Read More


The leading cloud switchboards in the USA and their innovative features

By On 14 October 2016

That the switchboard market is changing is clear to everyone. Thanks to the internet, cloud switchboard offers are evolving, especially those offered in the U.S. market, and as we know, things that… Read More


Examples of office closed for Christmas messages

By On 11 December 2015

Reminder! Before closing for Christmas, remember to change the office closed message of the switchboard. We are sure that even your customers will not want to spend the holidays on the phone… Read More