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How professional greetings compliment your phone tree

By On 31 October 2019

One of the most prominent places businesses can use professional greetings are within their automated attendants, or phone trees. We’ve all heard familiar phrases like “Press 1 to reach Sales, Press 2… Read More


Switchboard or voicemail?

By On 31 August 2019

What is the difference between a voicemail and a switchboard? What do I need for my company? This is a doubt that those not accustomed to technology often face. But no problem,… Read More


Audio formats for telephone switchboards

By On 29 June 2019

Many of our customers do not know the difference between the various audio formats for telephone switchboards; that may not seem to be a problem, but if you have a company with… Read More


Better a male or a female voice for your switchboard?

By On 31 October 2018

Choosing a male or female voice¬†for your switchboard is often one of the biggest dilemmas for all our customers. We know that males and females have always had physical differences, but there… Read More


GDPR and the Privacy audio message for Customer Care

By On 21 May 2018

Many of you have certainly heard of inbound Customer Care, but few will have gone into it in depth. Today, this article will attempt to explain what it is in a very… Read More


Shocked young mum, serves cease and desist order on company because of what she hears on the phone

By On 5 March 2018

A few weeks ago, going about the usual household chores, 46-year-old Susan Rigler decided to call a well-known “home furnishings” company for information about curtains. Because of the high telephone traffic, Susan… Read More